Some people prefer cats or dogs, others would rather have a glass of wine over a beer. If you’re into either coffee or tea, you must have seen some differences between “tea people” and “coffee people”.



  1. Tea people are more health conscious


And this is what it is the world’s second-most-consumed beverage – only water is more popular. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease, burn calories and ward off some type of cancer. Check all the green tea benefits here.


“Tea drinkers comfort you when you’re sick; coffee drinkers comfort you when you’re tired.”

  1. Tea people care about the journey; coffee people care about the result.

People who drink tea are generally more laid back, they don’t necessarily feel the need to be part of the mad rush. When we think of the Chinese tea ceremony, it’s quite difficult to find an equivalent in the coffee world. High end coffee is all about the results, rather than the ceremony. In the tea ceremony, even what you wear matters.

Tea drinkers like to stew; coffee drinkers like to brew.”

  1. Coffee people are more addicted to coffee than tea people to tea

Coffee is giving you a boost of energy with a caffeine dose, and this is much more addictive than the caffeine that the tea contains. According to the Huffington Post:, 49% of coffee drinkers would rather give up their cell phone for a month than go without coffee.


Tea drinkers don't need caffeine; coffee drinkers would inject it, if possible.”


  1. In the end, tea path is the reasonable one!

Indeed, coffee people are switching to tea because, if they don’t, we can’t imagine how stressed their life must be! All of us succumb to the “tea people” lifestyle, it’s just a matter of time…

Tea drinkers do it for the enjoyment; coffee drinkers do it with a purpose.