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Types of teas
The difference between white, green, oolong and black teas is determined by the transformation of the leaves and the choice of the tea tree. As with wine or cheese, each had its own way of fabrication before arriving in our cup under the final product that we know.


White Tea 
Harvested by hand only a few days during the Spring season, white tea is made using yellow leaves picked with buds. This is the rarest tea and the less transformed. It is considered as the healthiest tea because of its law transformation. It is known for its high level of antioxidants (more than Green Tea) and its low caffeine and its relaxing properties. White tea is the most delicate of teas, it is appreciated for its subtlety, its complexity and its natural sweetness. Infused correctly in a low temperature and not much time, the caffeine content is low.


Green Tea
Harvested mostly during Spring, green teas are withered then rolled to extract the juices. Then, they are heated to stop the oxidation and are then dried. This type of tea is very popular in China and Japan. It contains many therapeutic properties. It is rich in tannins, polyphenols, vitamins and antioxidants. Green tea has a refreshing taste, flowery or slightly bitter and refreshing. It has to be infused at low temperature (approx. 70) to avoid any bitter taste.


Oolong Tea
Contrary to green or white teas, it is harvested late in the year in order for the desired leaf size. Generally, 3 to 5 leaves are picked and sometimes even the stem. The oolong is a tea with an incomplete oxydation period.  On the oxydation scale, green tea has a minimum amount of oxydation, with the Oolong following, and black tea which is totally oxidized. With its sweet flavors and out of the ordinary, this is a tea without bitterness. It is low in caffeine and is perfect for an evening drink, because it contains active principles which act like a natural tranquilizer and a light sedative.


Black Tea
This is the most known around the world. Depending on the area, it is harvested two to three times per year. This is a totally oxidized tea period, in the Asian world we call it “red tea”. Best quality is obtained when using the entire leaves whereas most part are made from cut or broken leaves. In Western Part of Europe, black tea is often perfumed. It is good with rose, lotus or bergamot (Earl Grey). It is prepared at a higher temperature than green tea (95) and the infusing time varies on the tastes, the quantity of tea and the volume of water. Sometimes astringent, it frequently goes with milk and sugar.



This tea is made from several varieties of the biggest leaves from the various trees. It goes through a first oxidation, more or less intense, depending on the flavor notes of the tea. Leaves are then pressed in brick. During a long period of aging, the tea goes through a fermentation made by mushrooms, bacterias and yeasts. Due to this process, PuEr has an extended shelf life of several years. The older it is, the more intense is the earth taste, since it is developed under the effect of micro-organism such as yeasts. This creates a more harmonious aroma. It is considered in China as a medical beverage, traditionally recommended to help digestion, reduce cholesterol rate and lipid’s level.