Tea is an integral part of the Japanese culture and lifestyle. The tea ceremony is codified and respects thousand-year-old habits. The slightest gesture is considered and the same applies to utensils used.


Tea bowls are the central element of this tradition. The sober and elegant aesthetic of the Japanese bowls invites the ceremony’s participants to focus on the taste of the tea so that they could deliver compliments to their host. Its size and style depend on the type of tea, but it also varies with the seasons. In Japanese culture, minimalism and purity are associated with beauty and refinement. Nunshen was inspired by this design and it’s harmonious and refined tea sets, made of fine ceramic material.


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The atmosphere is as important as the utensils. Inside Japanese traditional houses, a room is usually dedicated to the ceremony. This room is furnished in the simplest way, almost primitive. Influenced by Buddhist philosophy, it’s built for celebrating harmony and peace of mind. For cultivating this Zen atmosphere, Nunshen offers scented candles with natural fragrances. Hand-made in France, the candle Instant Fleuri releases the flavors of the Black Lily while Cèdre Divin evokes woodsy scents. The purpose is to feel totally at ease with your environment and nature, to favor peace and meditation.


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This tradition evolves but its spiritual heritage remains unchanged. The knowledge of this etiquette is nowadays preserved and perpetuated by the highest classes of the Japanese society.