Here comes the summer: what about a fresh Nunshen®brewed iced tea?!

In this article, we will detail one of the three iced tea preparation methods, the hot brew by using the Finum Iced Tea Control™ 1.8 l. This basic brewing method creates a tea concentrate, essential for tea served over ice.

Either for a restaurant service, guest complimentary or domestic use, the Iced Tea Control™ 1.8 l allows you to brew fresh loose tea leaves into iced tea, but the most important ingredient in this process is the quality of the tea.

By using Nunshen® loose leaves, you will brew an excellent full-bodied iced tea.

Follow the steps below for a perfect brewing: 

- Fill the pitcher with ice cubes and sliced fruits;

- Place fresh loose tea leaves into the filter - cover it with the lid;

- Let the tea brew for approximately 5 minutes;

- When done, do not remove the filter, turn the lid clockwise in order for the brewing process to slow down;

- Enjoy your fresh Nunshen® Iced Tea!


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To consume without moderation!