Thanks to a very light oxidation, green tea retains all the natural properties of the tea leaves and that is what make this tea particularly interesting.

Green tea has been, since a few years in occident and since the 70’s in Japan, subject to many scientific studies that highlighted its health benefits. It is now proven that green tea reduces cholesterol, has anti inflammatory properties, helps to prevent and battle against cancers, etc… Japanese found that Green tea helps in the treatment of 60 diseases. Green tea helps as well for weight loss because it speeds up the metabolism as well as the process of fat burning of the body.

Let’s have a closer look on how green is beneficial against cancer:

It contains polyphenols, there are antioxidants molecules that slow the proteins responsible of cancerous productions. More over, green tea has antiangiogenic effects, which mean that it participates in the destruction of blood vessels that are created when the tumors grow and supply them with nutrients and oxygen. Even tough we cannot say that it is an anti-cancer beverage, it is proven that green tea battles against the multiplication of cancerous cells and it acts as a great preventive tool.

Moreover, green tea contains theanine, in addition of caffeine to not be confused with theine which is in fact caffeine. Theanine is a stress reliever for the body and the mind and has relaxing effects. In fact, green tea will help you to relax without causing drowsiness and it will enhance your attention as well.

Japanese people who drink tea as a daily habit are the people who have the greatest longevity which is 86.44 years old and one of the world lowest death rate from cancer. Of course, we cannot say that green tea is the direct cause of these statistics but green tea plays a serious role in their healthy diet.

It is not by chance that the word Fukujyu, from the green tea Sencha Fukujyu N.87, means: “to live happily by living long”.

To benefit from the virtues of green tea, we recommend you to drink a minimum of 3 glasses per day.

One last thing, be careful not to drink the tea too hot, which could lead to food pipe issues.