Sometimes we have bad habits that directly have an impact on our health. Herbal infusions can help replace the nutrients lost and reduce disease risks. For instance, herbal infusions naturally provide large quantities of calcium, vitamins, protein and other minerals. They also have beneficial properties such as stabilizing blood sugar, improving digestion or calming the nerves. Actually, you can take many advantages from herbal infusions, depending on the herbs you choose.


Fruity and herbal infusions are the best beverages to drink to improve your health in everyday life, especially if you have some health issues. Many benefits come from the consumption of herb infusions such as sleeping better, reducing stress, having more energy… The more you drink herbal infusions, the more you will want to take care of yourself and your health. Indeed, you will have the urge to consume less and less unhealthy sodas and bad foods.


Drinking long herbal infusions can nourish all your body’s needs by giving the herbs time to release their benefits into the water. Scientific studies prove that it takes at least four hours to extract a significant amount of minerals into the water.


How to make a long herbal infusion?

  1. Boil the water (we recommend you to boil one cup of water for one tablespoon of herb).
  2. Pour water over the herb and let step for 30, 60 minutes… Or more, it depends on the herb and the strength you want to get.
  3. Relax and enjoy this healthy beverage…


Choose one of our three herbal infusions to make your own long herbal infusion.

Cinq Mondes, La Camomile or La Verveine will perfectly fit to a healthy beverage.